Weeks 1-2:

Core Fundamentals

We focus directly on business set up, structure, and understand the core components and best practices to become a successful Fractional Sales Manager.

Lay the groundwork for building out a strategy and gameplan for your business:

Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, Sales, Fulfillment, and Retention/Resell

Weeks 3-4:

Business Infrastructure

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee Threshold

Now that the fundamentals have been established and a strategy is in place moving forward,, we will turn our attention to building your Business Infrastructure.

This creates the internal and external systems and processes that would will use to manage your strategic partners, prospects, sales, scalability of fulfillment, proper guidelines and expectations on working with clients, your price points and more.

Weeks 5-6:

Building Strategic Partnership Offer

Turning the focus towards acquiring your first Strategic Partnership. This phase uses some market research, proper messaging, and a irresistible offer for potential partners.

Our goal is to have you focus in on exactly who you should contact, why you should contact them, and how to get them to say "Yes!" to being a Strategic Partner with you.

Setting up a Strategic Partnership is just one call away from landing your first client.

Weeks 7-8:

Build Strategic Partnership Portfolio

Rinse and Repeat. Once you've landed your first Strategic Partner after testing various offers and messaging, we will dial it in and go out and land another couple Strategic Partner.

All you'll need is 2-3 "rock solid" partners to make your business explode. If you perform well for your partners you will not have to continuously go searching for more, put the work in now to establish your network and then client acquisition comes on demand.

Weeks 9-10:

Land Your First Client(s)

Follow the gameplan that we have built out in terms of fulfilling your win-win partnership offer and how to professionally go about presenting your solutions and services to the prospect you're in front of.

Our goal is to help you land a minimum $10,000 / 90 day agreement for your first client.

See below for our "Earning Potential: Money Math Calculator" to see the possibilities!

Weeks 11-12:

Start Fulfillment & Scale

Congratulations! You have a client. It's time to fulfill on your promises.

We will help you create a gameplan of management or consulting to help you efficiently fulfill and give the client an incredible experience, setting yourself up for a no-brainer renewal offer at the end of the initial project period.

Recurring agreements can range anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 per month (possibly even more!), depending who you are working with, performance in the first 90 days, and the way you structure your deal.

See below for our "Earning Potential: Money Math Calculator" to see the possibilities!

Earning Potential:

"Money Math Calculator"

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